Visiting Morgan Motor Company (The 3 wheel Morgan)

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In 2013 I had my 40th birthday and my wife gave me a one-week trip to England. She lived out there for several years and wanted to show me where she worked in the UK to introduce her friends, and also visited a cousin living there as well.We planned to see a lot of things during a one-week stay. I only asked for one, I would have liked to visit the town of Worcester, England Morgan Motor Campany car factory. Where people can visit a factory where they present the production process and tell the story of the factory. This factory has still been privately owned by the same family for generations. Today they still manufacture cars with minimal mechanization,as it was done hundreds of now defunct car- building workshop in the past century. The building technology and materials for the automotive recall the early years, because the body is wooden and is also manufactured in the factory and the wooden frame is covered with aluminum plates. For me it was a very interesting visit. The factory has three main types of cars : the first is the three two- wheeled 2 seets car which was produced before the 2.World War, then in 2011they produced some of it again, which was so successful so that they started producing them again.The second type which was manufactured after the war has four-wheels and for four-person with more types of engines. The third is the latest model this was produced in 200 making it with the largest and most powerful car engine. In the automotive factory when someone order a car the owner decides about everything. About this visit I took the following pictures.

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